French Settee

A French settee is a small to mid sized couch or sofa. It generally has a back, arm rests, and is intended for use by two or more people. A lot of people nowadays are into French settee sofas, and for good reason.

What is this reason? Well, as you probably know, interior design is going in a different direction nowadays. Gone are the days where you bought a typical couch and called it good.

Nowadays, people are looking for something that is not so run of the mill and normal. You see, getting a French settee can really help you revitalize your home decoration by adding a new style to it that is different and out of the ordinary.

Whether it is the living room, the drawing room, or even the family room, French settee furniture really does represent style, fashion, and comfort, all rolled into one. However, buying this piece of furniture, just like buying a couch or loveseat, is far from being a no-brainer. There are rules that must be followed, and here are some of the most important ones for you.


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First, you need to consider the color of the French settee that you are going to buy. What color is the room decorated with? What color are the walls? Is there a carpet? If so, what color is it? What color are the drapes? 

You see, there is a lot more to getting a French settee than you might realize at first. At first, you might think that just buying one is right; well, this is true in a way, you can purchase one on impulse, but why not choose one that is going to flow with the theme of your interior design?

Finding the right color is a must, but you must also consider how comfortable you want it to be. Believe it or not, a lot of people do not buy French settees to actually sit in; they are more to go in with artistic decoration. 


french settee 

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Now, having said that, if you want to actually use your French settee as furniture, than you should put some thought into how comfortable you want it. Now, when deciding on a comfort level, there is one main thing to remember...bigger cushions often equals more comfort. So, the more comfortable a French settee looks, the more comfortable it is likely to be.

Price is not a huge issue when ordering a product like this, but you do need to consider it. You can buy an antique French settee instead of a new one, but while this might be a bit more decorative, it is also going to cost you more...especially if it was used by someone famous!

You might go for ordering online first, because this will get you a French settee that is well made, comfortable, and inexpensive, all at the same time. And hey, what else could you possibly want in French settee furniture?